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By May 6, 2008Briefly Legal

As of last Friday, 127 proposed initiatives have been filed with the Colorado Secretary of State’s office. Long ballot, eh? The Colorado Trial Lawyers Association has been extra active, filing nine new ballot initiatives for the November election. State Rep. Jerry Sonnenberg comments in the Greeley Tribune.

Farmers are one of their targets and for the life of me, why lawyers hate farmers and rural Colorado is beyond me. Their ballot initiative, if passed, would force farmers to give up as much as 25 percent of any disaster payment or farm program to higher education for farmer training and outreach.

They filed another initiative that says specifically what Realtors can charge per sale.

The lawyers also filed to order the maximum amount a company can pay its executives.

Another initiative goes after doctors.

And each one creates a new cause of action.

The Rocky Mountain News covered this story on April 24th.

In an apparent retaliation for an earlier filing to limit attorney fees, the head of the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association has filed with the state to put nine measures on the November ballot.

“For too long, corporate interests have been put ahead of consumer interests in this state,” said John Sadwith, executive director of the 1,200-member trial lawyers’ group. “Real people in this state deserve a break.”

Realtors, farmers, doctors, executives — You’re not real people. So go away, and take the economy with you.

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