On Trade, The Rest of The World Isn’t Sitting Still

By May 20, 2008Trade
  • Andean Community, EU Agree on `Flexible’ Trade Talks“: “May 17 (Bloomberg) — The Andean Community and the European Union agreed to more “flexible” negotiations for a free trade agreement, Peruvian President Alan Garcia said today. The leaders of Andean trade bloc members Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru met with EU officials today in Lima to speed up talks for an accord, Garcia told reporters.”

  • The Democrats’ Dangerous Trade Games,” a WSJ op-ed by C. Fred Bergsten of Peterson Institute for International Economics: “The European Union, and the large and dynamic economies of Asia, will now strike trade compacts among themselves that discriminate against the U.S. rather than do deals with us. Examples will likely include EU-India and EU-Korea, and eventually an Asia-wide trade area. We will lose billions of dollars worth of exports and the associated high-paying jobs – just at a time when improvements in our trade balance, fortified by continuing growth abroad and a highly competitive dollar, are cushioning our slowdown. The multilateral trade system, including the highly effective dispute settlement mechanism in the World Trade Organization, will erode further and weaken our ability to tear down barriers in China, India and other large emerging markets.”
  • Quebec would welcome plumbers, Charest says“: “Mr. Charest also sought to persuade the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry to lobby for a free-trade agreement between the European Union and Canada. France takes over the rotating presidency of the EU in July….”The United States is going through an economic slowdown,” he said. “So we really have to make an effort to develop economic relations with Europe.””
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