On Defense and Energy Both, Reason Prevails

By May 23, 2008Energy

Kudos to Rep. Dan Boren (D-OK) for sponsoring an amendment to the defense authorization bill (H.R. 5658) to modify a ridiculous measure that blocked the Department of Defense from using synthetic alternative fuels that had a higher carbon content than regular old oil. From the floor discussion (which we saved here):

My amendment would amend section 526 to allow DOD and other Federal agencies to enter into contracts to purchase generally available fuels that are not predominantly derived from nonconventional fuel sources. Any contract to purchase such fuel must specify that the lifecycle greenhouse emissions are less than that of conventional petroleum sources.

Well, then, semi-kudos. Boren concedes that the amendment is a compromise, and Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) notes that the language falls short of repealing the entire section.

That there was ever language like this in the first place in a national defense bill tells you how environmental shibboleths are a priority, a WRONG priority, for some policymakers. Section 506 originally came about as a concession to the greens who want to stop the development of Canadian oil sands. The idea that America’s national security should be sacrificed to environmental purism and pieties is mind-boggling.

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