Meet the Jetsam

By May 7, 2008Energy
  • High global commodity prices are hitting manufacturers hard these days, as growing global economies (China, India) push demand. It’s good news for mining and heavy equipment companies, though, prompting many U.S.-based companies to plan for expanded mining production. As this story from Marquette, Mich., reaffirms, environmentalists are opposed. No, really.
  • Here’s a riddle: How do you discover water on Mars? Submit a permit application for a Martian mine and the environmental groups will be sure to detect threatened wetlands.
  • But it takes the penny to really focus the public (i.e., media’s) attention on commodity prices. Front page story across the land today: “Congress looking at steel pennies and nickels” “Surging prices for copper, zinc and nickel have Congress trying to bring back the steel-made pennies of World War II, and maybe using steel for nickels, as well.”
  • Meanwhile, the effort continues to prevent any renaissance of the U.S. nuclear power industry, starting with demanding impossible standards of uranium mining. In Colorado, ” Opponents of uranium mining on Tallahassee Pass today hailed new rules that would govern uranium mining in Colorado if signed by Gov. Bill Ritter. …House Bill 1161 would require uranium mining companies to clean groundwater at their sites to pre-mining quality after mining the radioactive material.”
  • Let’s demand that standard of all things, including parents. You may have a baby if you promise to restore the world to pre-baby quality afterward. We’ll accept a $100,000 bond.
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