He is Like a Hurricane

From an interview in the May issue of Mojo, the best rock music magazine out there.

I’m currently really involved in finding a fuel source. That’s something that is fascinating to me. I really think that the key to making the biggest contribution possible to the world is not a song. I think it’s a fuel source. If the people who had their own fuel and anybody could get anywhere, that would be fantastic. It would cause turmoil in the economic balance for the world for a number of years, but …something that would clean up the environment, something that would end this struggle for survival with fuel. It’s all based around fuel. And if you took that away, it would be a massive change. It would be like the fuel or the internet. So that’s the challenge for our generation.

That’s Neil Young talking.

In related news, here’s an American Spectator interview with T. Boone Pickens, who is also investing in alternatives fuels. But does he know the guitar solo from “Powderfinger?”

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