Gathering the Information on Infrastructure

By May 22, 2008Infrastructure

The NAM-founded Alliance for Improving America’s Infrastructure has a new website up, From the news release:

WASHINGTON, May 22 –The Alliance for Improving America’s Infrastructure today announced the launch of the organization’s new website, The site will give concerned citizens across the country the opportunity to share video, pictures and stories of transportation infrastructure problems and traffic congestion in their communities while also offering the ability to recommend real solutions to this growing crisis.

“America’s roads, bridges, rail system, airports and waterways are crumbling under their own weight, hurting hard working American families,” said the National Association of Manufacturers President John Engler. “The solution is to modernize our aging transportation infrastructure and will help the American people communicate their frustrations and solutions to transportation policymakers and decision makers in an innovative and interactive way.” features an interactive map of the United States where visitors can upload video and pictures of local transportation infrastructure problems like traffic bottlenecks and roads and bridges desperately in need of repair. Beginning this week, families traveling for the Memorial Day holiday can submit their supporting images using their cell phones or PDA by emailing or texting video and photos to These transportation problems will be sent to the submitter’s Senators and Member of Congress, and to the appropriate committee members in both the Senate and House of Representatives.

Oh, go ahead, take the photo. You’re already sitting in traffic. What else is there to do?

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