From the NEI’s Nuclear Assembly

By May 8, 2008General

Good speeches from the just-completed NEI’s 2008 Nuclear Energy Assembly: Energizing a Low-Carbon Future:

  • John Rowe, President and Chief Executive Officer, Exelon Corp, and Chairman of the Board, Nuclear Energy Institute — “Nuclear Energy 2008: State of the Industry
  • Frank L. “Skip” Bowman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Nuclear Energy Institute — “Facing Facts.”
  • And lots of coverage and commentary at the NEI Nuclear Notes blog. The post on Admiral Bowman’s speech summarizes the facts, arguments and assertions:

  • One million megawatts of electricity-generating capacity powers America’s grid, but 45 percent of that infrastructure is more than 30 years old. Meanwhile, the nation has deferred investment in new, more efficient baseload plants, including new reactors.
  • The 2005 Energy Policy Act’s loan guarantee program is a “very small step” in the right direction, but insufficient to rebuild electric power infrastructure.
  • The nation and world are seeking clean-air energy sources, like nuclear, to address climate change.
  • Electricity demand will increase by 25 percent by 2030, according to government officials.
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