Does anyone see a correlation here?

By May 6, 2008Energy

Honestly, as I scanned the news hits this morning, the following headlines were listed one after another. Good lord, does anybody see a correlation here?

Merck announces 1,200 job cuts
UAW strikes at Kansas GM plant
NAM manufacturing index shows sales expectations falling
Roche moving 300 Indianapolis jobs to Germany
Oil hits record $120 a barrel

And then,
Government looks to increase oil industry regulation
Environmental groups move to stop oil companies from surveying Arctic floor

Let me see, workers are striking, jobs are moving to Germany, manufacturers’ expectations are falling and the price of oil is at an all time high.

What should we do?

Apparently, some in Congress think that this would be a good time to increase regulations and stop companies for looking for more oil. Does this seem odd to anybody else?

Last week, I spoke to a group of UAW workers here at the NAM. Surprising, it was an easy speech because we agreed on a lot. We were all feeling the same pinch. We’re dealing with higher prices at the grocery store and at the pump. We’re worried about sending our kids to college and the future of our country. Although we didn’t agree on all of the solutions to these problems, none of us suggested more regs and less oil supply.

Patty Long is the Vice President for Policy Research and Member Communications and the newest member of the NAM blogging team. She is also the mother of 4 teenage girls and like the rest of America, she worries about gas prices, grocery bills and college tuition.

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