Davis-Bacon Provisions There Too?

By May 22, 2008Labor Unions

We noted yesterday the inclusion of Davis-Bacon provisions in the farm bill vetoed by the president, prevailing wage language that forces high-cost unionized labor on a construction project — your usual one-side-fits all (labor’s side) that increases that makes projects more expensive.

Turns out that union-friendly legislators have been adding Davis-Bacon to all sorts of legislation, including H.R. 6049, the Energy and Job Creation Act of 2008, i.e., tax extenders bill that passed the House yesterday.

From the White House’s Statement of Administration Policy:

Finally, the Administration strongly opposes the provision of H.R. 6049 that would apply Davis-Bacon Act prevailing wage requirements to projects financed with the proceeds of the New Clean Renewable Energy Bonds as authorized by the bill. This unacceptable provision is contrary to the Administration’s long-standing policy of opposing any statutory attempt to expand or contract the applicability of Davis-Bacon Act prevailing wage requirements. If this provision were included in legislation presented to the President, his senior advisors would recommend that he veto the bill.

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