Container Cranes, Delivered

By May 25, 2008Infrastructure, Trade

Well worth the money is a two-hour boat tour of the harbor at Norfolk, Virginia. Commerce and national defense on great display. This weekend, new cargo cranes are being unloaded.

Cranes%20on%20Ship2.jpgFrom The Virginian Pilot:

Three new cranes for loading and unloading cargo container ships arrived Friday evening at the Virginia Port Authority’s Norfolk International Terminals.The $24 million shipment left China on March 31 aboard the Zhen Hua 16.

Crews will spend the weekend undoing the fasteners securing the gangly, 208-foot-tall cranes to the ship’s deck, said Jeff Florin, the authority’s chief engineer.

The blue-and-white behemoths will then be rolled onto a just-constructed 900-foot-long stretch of wharf. The cranes should be off the vessel by the end of next week and in service by July, following adjustments and testing, he said.

The Virginia Port Authority has a website with more information about the shipping of the cranes and their intended use on the North Wharf Extension at Norfolk International Terminals.

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  • Martin says:

    21June 2009 – saw four of these come in to Port Louis Mauritius on the ship. Amazing sight. Would like to know where they were heading?

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