Congratulations and Good Work, Secretary Chao

By May 13, 2008Economy, Labor Unions

The National Review today takes note of Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao reaching a milestone today, the second longest tenure as a labor secretary following only Frances Perkins. And Secretary Chao hasn’t just been marking time.

Chao’s most significant achievement, however, may be proactive rather than defensive: Unions now must provide a far more detailed accounting of their money and activities. In last week’s hearing, Harkin called this “going after labor unions” for making them file “onerous new financial disclosure requirements for rank-and-file members.” In reality, Chao has empowered rank-and-file members by demanding that labor leaders comply with modern standards of transparency. They must report income, expenses, salaries, and so on. It’s all online in a searchable database, too. It means that in the future, union bosses will have a harder time keeping the lid on everything from their left-wing politicking to the bar tabs they rack up at their Las Vegas conventions.

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Congratulations, Secretary Chao.

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