Class Action Advertising

Trial lawyer-funded think tanks churn out “studies,” major media promote the supposed dangers, politicians react to “protect the children” or at least gain attention, and then the inevitable

NEW YORK, NY — 05/01/08 — Yesterday, April 30, 2008, Rights For America attorneys, Robert H. Weiss and Stephen Murakami, along with two prominent Class Action law firms from Missouri (Scharnhorst Ast & Kennard, P.C.) and Kansas (The Hodges Law Firm), filed a billion dollar consumer class action lawsuit against the leading baby bottle manufacturers (Avent America, Evenflo, Gerber, Handi-Craft (Dr. Brown’s) and Playtex) for their use of Bisphenol A in polycarbonate plastic baby bottles and toddler training cups. The lawsuit was filed in the United States District Court for the Western District of Missouri pursuant to Missouri Consumer Protection Laws on behalf of the infants and children of Missouri and the United States who were unknowingly exposed to BPA through their use of plastic baby bottles and training cups.

You can shuffle the order, of course. Often the trial lawyers are there at every stage.

In the meantime, anxiety spreads — “Later on down the road what if something happened to him and I didn’t take the precautions to give him a different bottle” — and even panic.

Oh, and take a look at all the advertisements on the webpage with the lawyers’ news release: Lawsuit settlement cash, safe baby bottles, acne medication lawsuit, etc.

It’s an industry, the lawyer-media-think-tank-panic complex.

UPDATE: (9 a.m.): The class-action lawsuit was filed as an alleged violation of Missouri consumer protection laws. Guess the lawyers had to move fast, as the Legislature is being asked to reform the laws to discourage frivolous lawsuits.

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