Card Check: Hypocrisy

By May 10, 2008Labor Unions

From the WSJ:

Two of the nation’s largest labor unions have struck confidential agreements with large employers that give the companies the right to designate which of their locations, and how many workers, the unions can seek to organize.

The agreements are raising questions about union transparency and workers’ rights. A summary document put together by the unions says it is critical to the success of the partnership “that we honor the confidentiality and not publicly disclose the existence of these agreements.” That includes not disclosing them to union members.

With their advocacy for the Employee Free Choice Act, organized labor is insisting that employees NOT be allowed to maintain confidentiality when voting on whether to join a union. The secret ballot be damned.

But when it serves their purposes, confidentiality is a matter of principle.

The particular offenders here are the SEIU and Unite Here.

Miserable, just miserable.

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