Card Check: A Risk for Candidates Who Support It

By May 13, 2008Labor Unions

In Politico, pollster John McGlaughlin reviews the results of public opinion surveys that show a candidate’s support for the Employee Free Choice Act could be damaging at the polls in the fall election. Surveys conducted of Senate races in Maine, Minnesota and Colorado find that card check’s attack on secret-ballot elections in the workplace is very unpopular.

Voters intrinsically support the concept of private ballot elections. They are worried about the potential of workers being coerced and intimidated under the card-check scheme. And they see little need to change the existing balance in current labor laws to make it easier for unions to organize nonunion workplaces.

More important, they resent and oppose efforts to take away an individual’s right to a private and secret ballot. These inconvenient facts for Big Labor can be exploited to the detriment of the candidates it supports. Smart candidates will not want to be on the wrong side of this issue come Election Day.

They’ll side with voters and oppose union card-check legislation.

You can read the survey results here.

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