Brazil Says Yes to Energy, U.S. Senate Says No

By May 16, 2008Energy

Two items of note on energy cited at Instapundit (who has a new url, by the way:

Rocky Mountain News:

The Senate Appropriations Committee today narrowly defeated Sen. Wayne Allard’s attempt to end a moratorium related to oil shale development in Colorado….[snip]The moratorium prevents the Department of Interior from issuing regulations so that oil companies can move forward on oil-shale projects in Colorado and Utah. Allard said the moratorium has left uncertainties at a time when companies need to move forward and in the long term make the United States more energy independent.

“If we are really serious about reducing pain at the pump, this is a vote that would make a difference in people’s lives,” Allard argued.

The vote was 14-15, partyline, with Democrats voting no. Meanwhile, from Bloomberg:

May 15 (Bloomberg) — Petroleo Brasileiro SA, Brazil’s state-controlled oil company, leased about 80 percent of the world’s deepest-drilling offshore rigs to explore prospects including the Western Hemisphere’s biggest discovery in decades.

Petrobras, as the Rio de Janeiro-based company is known, is hiring rigs that can drill in at least 3,000 meters (9,800 feet) of water, Chief Executive Officer Jose Sergio Gabrielli said in an interview last week. The world has 21 such vessels, according to, which tracks the offshore drilling industry.

Brazil, now there’s a country that’s serious about energy security, and it’s not all ethanol.

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