Asbestos: The Economy Feels the Heat

By May 10, 2008Briefly Legal

A Washington Post “Think Tank Town” column, “Fire Retardant Asbestos Suits,” by John M. Wylie II, the principal author of the Manhattan Institute report on asbestos litigation.

The report shows that the long-running asbestos-lawsuit scam has destroyed 80 companies and the employees and shareholders who depend on them, and created a system so corrupt that judges and advisors were guilty of outright extortion and theft. Companies forced into bankruptcy by questionable claims are now being scammed again by attorneys double-dipping from the trusts these companies created for those who really were injured. …[snip]

Tragically, real victims — workers who actually face serious future health problems due to asbestos exposure — are often duped into signing away future rights for a pittance in order to pad current attorney fees, and are then left with no recourse if they actually become sick. And workers falsely diagnosed as sick face a lifetime of worry and problems getting insurance.

Read the whole thing, and click here for “Trial Lawyers, Inc.: Asbestos.”

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