Answer, Wind, Blowin’ — But Not in Maryland

By May 3, 2008Energy

Today’s Washington Times has the best single take we’ve seen on the energy doublethink on display in Maryland, where Governor O’Malley has blocked construction of new wind turbines on state lands while at the same time demanding dramatic increases in renewable energy. From “Wind power debate whips up controversy“:

ANNAPOLIS — Self-styled “green” leaders across the country face a conundrum over wind power: Do they alienate part of their constituency by leveling pristine forests to build wind farms, or irritate the other part by rejecting a promising source of renewable energy?

When Gov. Martin O’Malley faced that choice in April , he opted for the latter, and in no uncertain terms.

“In the end, we could not justify the consequences that commercial wind would have on this land, this publicly held land,” he said in announcing his decision to block a wind-farm proposal in Western Maryland. He also barred wind turbines from being constructed on any state land.

“I also want to stress what this decision should not be misinterpreted to mean: This is not a rejection of wind power in the state of Maryland,” he told a group of wind- farm opponents.


Another question, less rhetorical: “Pristine” forests? That’s the term the anti-wind forces used to block the turbines in Western Maryland, one echoed by the Washington Times’ reporter. Pristine means untouched, uncorrupted, unsullied by man. In Western Maryland. Perhaps the more accurate term would be, “”really pretty.”

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