A Sista Souljah Moment on Energy

By May 6, 2008Energy, Global Warming

From the AP:

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Alaska Native and environmental groups sued Monday to stop exploration by oil companies this summer in Arctic waters frequented by whales, seals and other marine species.

The groups are challenging federal permits that allow Shell Oil Co. and BP PLC to search for oil and gas using powerful acoustic devices that have been shown, at times, to harm a variety of marine animals. The technology, known as seismic exploration, is used to determine the geologic makeup of the sea bed.

“The federal government is rushing to approve a burst of new seismic activity without completely studying the effects on marine life,” said attorney Clayton Jernigan of Earthjustice. The Juneau-based law firm filed the lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Anchorage.

The oil companies have been cast as villains during the recent presidential campaigns for supposedly profiting too much and causing high gas prices. It’s a cynical play designed to take advantage of public anger of high gas prices.

Might we respectfully suggest to the candidates that they look to other sources of the problem(s), such as environmental groups that prevent access to domestic energy supplies, the “energy insecurity” crowd.

How brave, how politically defining it would be for a candidate to repudiate one or more of the environmental groups who restrict demand and make the United States more dependent on foreign oil. Tell these obstensible supporters how much damage they’re causing.

A Sista Souljah moment for the 2008 campaign: Rebuke the greens.

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