A Place — in the U.S. — That Welcomes Refineries

By May 25, 2008Energy

North Dakota. From a KXMB report, quoting Ron Ness of the N.D. Petroleum Council:

The economics behind building new or expanding a refinery in rural areas are extremely challenging. We got a lot of people looking at it. We got more people looking in ND than anywhere else in the country.

Four refinery projects are on the table:

  • The Oil and Gas Research Council is studying a refinery in the Williston area
  • The Three Affiliated Tribes is working on permitting a refinery on the Reservation
  • American Lignite Energy is looking at a coal to liquids plant near Underwood
  • The Tesoro Refinery in Mandan is expanding its diesel production
  • N.D. oil production from the Bakken Formation increased 329 percent between 2006 and 2007.

    Pipelines will be needed.

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