What NAFTA Trade Deficit?

By April 21, 2008Trade

An op-ed from John Engler, president of the National Association of Manufacturers, in today’s Wall Street Journal, “What Nafta Trade Deficit?”

What the antitrade advocates have been hiding from the candidates (or maybe don’t know themselves) is that almost all of the increase in our Nafta deficit since 2000 has been in increased U.S. imports of energy from Canada and Mexico. In fact, $58 billion of the $62 billion increase in our Nafta deficit has been in energy imports. That’s 95% of the total increase.

We need that oil and gas, and we would rather get it from our friendly neighbors. Surely no one seeks to argue that America would be better off saying no to Mexican and Canadian oil and gas, advocating that we instead import that energy from less secure sources farther from our borders.

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  • Larry says:

    The article is only talking about the increase in the NAFTA trade deficit. Since there is the big increase, of which most is in energy(oil), there still remains a trade deficit that has also increased, besides the energy part.

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