The Week Ahead: The Week of April 14

By April 14, 2008General

It’s serial East meets West this week, as President Bush welcomes Pope Benedict XVI on Tuesday (White House backgrounder), Prime Minister Brown of the United Kingdom on Thursday, and South Korea’s President Lee Myung-bak (at Camp David) Friday. The Pope is in D.C. Tuesday through Thursday; commuter map here. And it’s Tax Day on Tuesday. Prime Minister Brown will also meet with McCain, Obama, Clinton.

The House convenes at 12:30 p.m. today and handles suspensions, etc., and starting Tuesday takes up legislation on international debt forgiveness, individual income tax filing procedures, and student loans. The floor schedule for the week is here.

The Senate convenes at 2 p.m. and moves to H.R. 1195, the Highway Technical Corrections Act. Senate Republicans appear ready to make an issue this week out of delays in acting on judicial nominations. (Background here and here.)

For a list of this week’s House and Senate hearings, go to last Friday’s Daily Digest.

House Hearings: Energy and Commerce holds an oversight hearing Tuesday on the FCC’s auction of the 700 MHz band. (Details.) Also Tuesday, two Natural Resources subcommittees hold a joint hearing, “The West-wide Energy Corridor Process: State and Community Impacts.” Two House and Science Technology hearings of interest: Tuesday, a subcommittee revue of FutureGen, the plug-pulled clean-coal project; Wednesday, the full committee on nanotechnology legislation. House Armed Services on Tuesday considers, “National Industrial Security Program: Addressing the Implications of Globalization and Foreign Ownership for the Defense Industrial Base.” On Wednesday, the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee holds a hearing on the Clean Water Restoration Act, legislation that would substantially shut down expanded farm, business, infrastructure and energy projects. (Hearing details here and additional background here.) And on Thursday, House Oversight considers the beef recall.

Senate Hearings: Two Environment and Public Works subcommittee hearings of note: On Tuesday, the topic of pharmaceuticals in the water; Wednesday, surface transportation and the global economy. Senate Finance Committee on Tuesday mulls “Tax: Fundamentals in Advance of Reform.” On Wednesday, Small Business ponders “The Impact of the Credit Crunch on Small Business.”

Executive Branch: The President meets with his Cabinet today and then congratulates Thomas Jefferson on turning 265. (Actual birthday was April 13, 1743.)

Economic Reports: Reporter will write about inflation: The monthly Producer Price Index is released Tuesday and the Consumer Price Index on Wednesday.

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