The Weatherman Has It Right

It’s a rainy, gray day in Washington, DC and by most accounts it’s been a cool spring thus far. Mostly I turned to the weather page to see how long the rain would last today and if I still needed an umbrella for the commute to work.

But it was almost like the sun was shining when I turned to the weather page in The Examiner newspaper to see a very short column by local weatherman, Topper Shutt, with local Channel 9 News.

I couldn’t find a direct link to his little column, so it follows. Mr. Shutt gave us a nice fresh breath of air by pointing out this important book by Bjorn Lomborg:

I read three books while I was on vacation [last week]. One book really made a lasting impression on me. it is entitled ‘Cool It’ by Bjorn Lomborg. I don’t want to give it away, but he doesn’t dispute global warming is occurring but rather how we should attack that issued from an economical viewpoint.

Lomborg also prioritizes what world issues are most pressing and what actions would give us the highest return from our investment, in terms of lives saved and dollars.

It is refreshing to learn about a new perspective on this highly charged issue. I try and remind our viewers that climate is always in a state of flux and yes, the world has warmed over the last 25 years but claiming that Katrina is a product of global warming is absurd.

We have had much stronger hurricanes hit the United States in the past, the Labor Day or Keys hurricane of 1935 and Camille in 1969 to name just two. There is much more development now on our shores. Anyway, check it out. It’s a quick and informative read.

By the way, it’s supposed to be rainy in DC through Saturday, although the sun came out today with this column. Thank you, Mr. Shutt. And if you’d like to comment on Mr. Shutt’s good sense, here’s a link to his blog whichi is on the same topic today.

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