So What Newspaper is Opposed to Colombia FTA?

By April 21, 2008Trade

The U.S. Trade Representative’s office is collecting editorials in support of the U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement, most reacting to House Speaker Pelosi’s decision to change the rules and sideline the deal. The headlines are informative:

Washington Post – “Colombia’s Case,” 4/19
Mississippi Press – “Changing the Rules Mid Game,” 4/18
Tri-City Herald (WA)- “Congressional ineptitude evident in trade dispute,” 4/17
San Antonio Express News – “Our turn: House rule change does major damage,” 4/17
Dallas Morning News – “Colombia pact deserves Democrats’ support,” 4/16
Chattanooga Times Free Press (TN) – “Backward Priorities,” 4/16
The Dallas Morning News – “Bragging Rights in Colombia trade pact can boose Dems’ foreign-policy profile,” 4/16
Louisville Courier-Journal – “Trade off,” 4/15
Charlotte Observer – “Trade vs. Politics,” 4/15
The Colombus Dispatch (OH) – “Bad idea,” 4/15
Wall Street Journal – “Democrats for Colombia,” 4/15
Portales News Tribune – “Democrats reaction shows deep hostility toward world trade,” 4/15
The Star Ledger (NJ) – “Pandering on Trade,” 4/15
Riverside Press Enterprise – “Trade pact pulse?” 4/14
Charleston Post Courier – “Politics trumps free trade,” 4/14
Corpus Christi Caller Times – “Congress should pass Colombia trade deal,” 4/14
Knoxville News-Sentinel – “House Democrats holding free trade hostage,” 4/14

That’s not the entire list. For the whole thing, see this.

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  • Burl Finkelstein says:

    It is literally impossible for the US to replace even a fraction of the domestic market that US manufactures lost with exports. With the current trade scheme, manufacturing in the US continuances to shrink, (although NAM says otherwise, just look at the companies you by and sell to and make you own decision). More trade with poor countries is the fools gold of trade deals. These countries will all become US suppliers and when they have made money they will simply supply themselves. Why do they need US products? We keep getting deeper in the hole because of stupid trade relations and non-enforcement of trade violations, so why do we seek more?

    Instead of wasting time promoting agreements with no potential for real sales (unless you are Coca Cola, Caterpillar or UPS) lets do something to help US based manufacturing stay alive.

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