Senator Hatch at the NAM on R&D Today

By April 17, 2008Innovation, Taxation

The National Association of Manufacturers will host Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) today at noon as the Senator makes the case for U.S. competitiveness and the innovation-based economy, emphasizing the need for action on the R&D tax credit. Hatch is a sponsor of the S. 2209, to strengthen and extend the tax credit for research and development investment.

The R&D tax credit expired again at the end of 2007 — for the 13th time, it expired — and companies are beginning to report the negative consequences in their first quarter earning statements. Meanwhile, countries like New Zealand are moving ahead with their own, even more generous investment incentives.

So there’s a sense of urgency, or should be. Last week 85 members of House signed a letter urging leadership to move House R&D incentive legislation. (A copy of the letter is here.) For more, go to the R&D Credit Coalition’s website.

And welcome, Senator Hatch.

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