Say No to LNG, Expect Higher Prices

By April 15, 2008Energy

The Hartford Courant does the unusual and reports on the consequences of New York and Connecticut’s opposition to a liquefied natural gas facility. From Gas Plant Plan’s Defeat Could Prove Costly to Consumers”:

Gov. M. Jodi Rell said Broadwater’s rejection was a victory for the environment. As for the natural gas it would have provided — that will come from projects already being planned elsewhere, she said.

“There are projects underway or already on the drawing boards that will more than meet that future demand without ever needing the disaster-in-the-making that is Broadwater,” Rell said after New York announced its decision on the Long Island Sound project Thursday.

But Broadwater’s developers warned that without their project in place, households and businesses in Connecticut can expect electricity and natural gas prices to climb. Demand for natural gas, especially by power plants, continues to grow and the region has a limited number of pipelines to get gas into the state.

The other liquefied natural gas terminals proposed, in locations in Delaware and New Brunswick, Canada, will do little for Connecticut, Broadwater officials said, and that’s assuming they win approval.

And they sure won’t do anything for Oregon’s consumers, either.

For more on the Broadwater plan, go here.

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