Rule-of-Law Judge Wins Spot on Wisconsin Court

By April 2, 2008Briefly Legal

Very good news from Wisconsin, where Mike Gableman has won a seat on the state Supreme Court, defeating sitting Justice Louis Butler. From the Wisconsin Radio Network:

Gableman says he is gratified and humbled by the support. He’s pledging to give every litigant appearing before him a “fair shake” and to fairly apply the law.

Gableman believes his message and background resonated with voters in the campaign and appreciated his role as a judicial conservative, both as a judge and former prosecutor.

Lots of swooning among among the political and media class about the negative campaign, but in the end, seems like a majority of voters — and it was a very tight election, 51-49 percent — preferred the former prosecutor who campaigned for judicial restraint (Gableman), versus a sitting, appointed judge who had a record of expanding the grounds for civil lawsuits (Butler).

Congratulations to Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, which expressed its members’ views on the candidates through advertising and advocacy, and whose commitment of dollars provided enough information to the voters so they could make an informed decision.

More on the race from The Capital Times, a left-leaning Madison newspaper/website, and the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. (11:23 a.m.) Wisconsin State Journal.

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  • Tim says:

    It all depends on your definition of “good news.” Those of us in Wisconsin now have to deal with the aftermath of a society in which a lobbying group can purchase supreme court justices at will. Producing ads that observers from all sides of the aisle noted as full of lies is not “provid[ing] enough information to the voters so they could make an informed decision.” A destruction of republicanism is never “good news.”

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