Political Correctness, Circa 1959

By April 13, 2008Culture and Entertainment

“Recently, our presentation of Edgar Allen Poe’s great horror story, the Pit and the Pendulum, displeased some listeners who felt that we should not have made the Spanish Inquisition the villain…”

That’s from the makers of “Suspense,” the long-running CBS radio drama, in an introduction to the program “The Analytical Hour.”

And sorry in advance for insulting psychoanalysts.

The entire show, “ broadcast June 28, 1959, is available at Archive.org. And interestingly enough, the founder of Archive.org, Brewster Kahle, was on the public radio program, “On the Media,” this week to talk about his plan to provide free wireless Internet to low-income apartment complexes in San Francisco. It’s necessary because municipal government plans to provide free wireless have failed miserably.

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