Not a Good Headline for Business Recruiters in NJ

By April 16, 2008Human Resources

In The Philadelphia Inquirer: “New Jersey is a leading liberal state.”

The social issues are beyond our purview, but it does seem safe to say that these two economic measures cited in the Inquirer serve to discourage businesses from expanding in or moving to the Garden State:

Universal health care: A preliminary proposal for a plan that would eventually require everyone in the state to have health insurance has been presented by State Sen. Joseph F. Vitale (D., Middlesex).

Paid family leave: A measure approved by the Legislature awaits Gov. Corzine’s signature.

As the New Jersey Business and Industry Association suggests in a message to employers and the public, the new family leave law runs to the economic trends…and good common-sense.

While Governor Corzine has said he is going to sign this bill, let’s make sure he knows how much business opposes this and how contrary it is to his stated goal of growing the economy. Corzine is expanding a benefits program even as he is calling for deep spending cuts in every department. Corzine is imposing a huge new mandate on businesses as New Jersey is losing jobs and is on the brink of recession.

Oh, yeah, here’s a story, one published yesterday in The Charlotte Observer, “Hickory attracts 820-job factory.”

Officials with Sutter Street Manufacturing, a subsidiary of home furnishings retailer Williams-Sonoma, announced plans to hire 820 people over the next five years to design, build and distribute upholstered furniture in Hickory….[snip] The area’s skilled furniture workers and a state grant convinced the company to invest $22.5 million here rather than in alternative locations in Mississippi, Virginia and New Jersey, local business leaders said.

Among other things.

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