More Reaction from Colombia, Etc.

By April 11, 2008Trade

From Bloomberg:

“Not having a trade agreement is almost like having trade sanctions imposed in the sense that you’ve been downgraded, or are at least now one level below the other comparable economies in the continent” that do have trade deals, such as Mexico, Chile, Peru and Central America, Trade Minister Luis Guillermo Plata said in an interview.

Tough Miami Herald editorial concludes:

Latin America is following this issue intently. Spurning Colombia undermines an ally in a dangerous part of the world and hands Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez a victory. It sends a message that the United States doesn’t know who its friends are — or doesn’t value them.

And Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit shares the perception that we do about labor’s role in opposing the measure: “[The] unions decided that they had to show their ability to stop something, and chose this. Merits don’t matter when it’s all about demonstrating clout.”

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