Maybe it Was Fidel’s Responsibility

By April 20, 2008Trade

tlc1.jpgLooking for commentary on the Colombia Free Trade Agreement at Granma, the official newspaper of the Cuban Communist dictatorship, we tried an Internet archive search.

It’s that “Buscar” box up in the right hand corner of the homepage.

The search functions as well as Cuba’s economy, taking you to one of those placeholder websites, presumably held by a domain name squatter. In other words, Granma messed up.

Anyway, there was this article, but it’s already dated:

LEADERS and social activists from a number of countries are taking part in the 7th Hemisphere-wide Conference of Struggle against Free Trade Agreements, which begins today in the Cuban capital’s International Conference Center.

UPDATE (9:45 a.m. Monday): Sopranos to premiere on Cuban TV. Seems like the parallels would be too damning, what with there being a mob family and all.

BTW, we understand the Cuban government just steals these programs for its own airing.

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