Maryland Legislature, Regulate Away…

By April 8, 2008Global Warming

Left unaccomplished by the Maryland Legislature, which wrapped up its session yesterday late, a sweeping global warming bill. Instead of sweeping, they’ll just pick and pick and pick and pick …

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — The day after the end of a lawmaking term, many talk about what didn’t pass.

That’s the case again this year with Maryland lawmakers failing to agree to a sweeping global warming bill to slash carbon dioxide emissions. That bill failed amid concerns it could cause factories to close and jobs to be lost.

So instead Maryland lawmakers passed regulations and fees, which will simply be borne by business and never passed on to the consumer. From the Baltimore Sun’s issue-by-issue summary:

Lawmakers approved a package of administration bills to reduce the state’s energy consumption 15 percent by 2015 and to double the amount of renewable energy that power companies must provide for sale to customers, to 20 percent by 2022. The legislation also sets out how to spend proceeds from new fees on industry intended to promote reducing greenhouse gases, directing the money to energy efficiency, conservation and small utility-bill rebates.

Twenty percent by 2022. Easy, so easy to accomplish. We can’t wait to see all those beautiful wind turbines anchored up and down Chesapeake Bay. Regattas will be so much more interesting.

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