Making New Jersey Less Attractive for Jobs

By April 3, 2008Human Resources

New Jersey state Senators are going to gather Monday for a special vote — it’s a term of legislative art in Trenton — to vote on imposing paid family leave on employers. New Jersey’s competitive environment is already sad. Last year the Tax Foundation ranked New Jersey 49th out of 50 states in business tax climate, and the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council ranked it dead last in the group’s Small Business Survival Index.

And now legislators want to add more to the cost of doing business? As the New Jersey Business Matters blog notes, tax revenues are coming in below expectations, the state lost 10,000 jobs last year, and the unemployment rate has risen .3 percent to 4.8 percent. AND, there’s potentially serious risks for small businesses

[The] mandate will harm New Jersey competitiveness, drive costs higher for our companies and put small businesses in the position where they may be violating federal anti-discrimination laws.

We’ve seen no rising public sentiment for adding expensive new burdens to employers while bringing new national attention to New Jersey as an increasingly unattractive place to do business.

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