Liberals Who Embrace Tax Incentives, Free Trade

By April 8, 2008Taxation, Trade

The political left in New Zealand enacts tax incentives for R&D:

Increasing the level of private research and development will become that much easier because of a Labour-led government tax credit initiative which comes into effect on 1 April, Research, Science and Technology Minister Pete Hodgson said today.

Pete Hodgson made his comments during a visit to Australo, a Dunedin nanotechnology company. Australo have developed ground-breaking nanopore technology that has a broad range of applications, including diagnosis of cancer, viruses and other diseases.

And, they welcome the expansion of trade through free-trade agreements:

BEIJING: After China and New Zealand signed a free-trade agreement, the first one that Beijing has concluded with a developed economy, Prime Minister Helen Clark of New Zealand said Monday that it could also influence Australia and other countries that were negotiating similar accords with China.

“I think there’ll be a lot of interest in what New Zealand has achieved,” Clark said after witnessing the signing of the accord with Prime Minister Wen Jiabao.

Under the agreement, New Zealand will phase out all tariffs on imports from China by 2016. In return, China will remove tariffs on 96 percent of its imports from New Zealand by 2019, according to details of the agreement released by the New Zealand government. The agreement also covers trade in services.

These actions were taken by a government led by the Labour Party, a left-liberal organization akin to the U.S. Democratic Party. Tax relief for business and expanded trade from governing liberals…It IS possible.

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