Hype It Up, Shut It Down, but Truth Will Out

By April 20, 2008Global Warming

Funny how President Bush announced his generally well-considered principles on global warming legislation the same week that authors were in Washington, D.C., highlighting the hype, scientific abuses and media credulity/complicity on misrepresenting climate change.

We’ve already noted the event with Christopher Booker and Richard North on their book, “Scared to Death,” which disposes of various hypesterical phenomena.

On Friday, the Competitive Enterprise Institute and the Cooler Heads Coalition hosted a Capitol Hill briefing with Larry Solomon, author of “The Deniers.” The Chilling Effect blog covered the event in this post, noting that Solomon is an environmentalist who believes “there is a possibility that it is a potential threat, but the evidence hasn’t been there.” And that IPCC shibboleth?

  • Who are those 2,500 scientists the UN relies on to generate respect for its climate scares? When Solomon tried to find out, the UN told him those names are not public. Moreover, those 2,500 were reviewers, NOT endorsers who reviewed one or more of the 100’s of background studies!
  • Solomon is concerned that “the press has been taken, taken in by a big lie. This big lie has been told to us for 15 years now.”
  • Solomon noted a quirk of the international agency, IPCC, which generates so much fear-mongering: IPCC only looks at man-made causes, so only man-made causes will be found.
  • More on Solomon’s appearance at Planet Gore and The American Spectator.

    One of his major concerns? Critics, questioners and “deniers” are smeared and silenced. A definite concern as we head toward the June consideration of Lieberman-Warner cap-and-trade: Will there be a full and fair debate or just more bullying?

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