Friday Follies: Radar Love

By April 25, 2008Friday Follies

Can’t believe we’d never seen this before, the droll –yes, droll! — 1973 video for Radar Love from the decidely undroll Dutch group, Golden Earing.

That three-wheel car is a Reliant Robin, the British vehicle. You didn’t need a full driver’s license?

In any case, it’s a clever, amusing video, one that also evokes a bit of nostalgia. Golden Earring was the first band we saw, probably ’74, touring with Leo Sayer. (Quite a combination.) And yes, the Radar Love drum solo was indeed 15 minutes long.

Bonus Folly: Dong Dong diki diki Dong, from Golden Earring’s early Europop days. Hmm. Didn’t Steely Dan steal that drum intro?

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