For a N.J. Manufacturer & Survivor, Honors

By April 10, 2008Culture and Entertainment

“Life counts, then quality of life counts. It is important to focus on education and to be open to opportunity … to not be a victim. Be on guard when you see bigotry and hatred — and fight against it.”

Those are the words of George Blank, the founder of The MedTech Group, a New Jersey-based plastics technology company that engineers and manufactures disposable medical products. Blank, who survived the Holocaust while others of his family perished, will be recognized today at the Raritan Valley Community College’s annual Make A Difference Award luncheon. From the Courier-News Online:

Blank was born in Poland in 1938. He was little more than a year old when the Nazis invaded Poland.

“I come from a very large family,” Blank said. “Most of the people in the Jewish community (in Poland at that time) were poor. Both sides of my family were industrialists.”

Blank pointed out that since his family was somewhat more affluent than many Jewish families, they believed they “could ride out the storm” of the Nazi invasion.

“But when the storm hit, it was a tsunami,” Blank said. “Most of my family was killed, all the property was gone. My father’s entire family was wiped out, I am the only one remaining with the name. And about 50 percent of my mother’s family was murdered.”

Blank and his mother were liberated by the Russians in the spring of 1945, and made their way west.

“We arrived in in the United States in 1947,” Blank said. “The Statue of Liberty opened her arms to us. I am extremely lucky. Bad start … but (after that) have been lucky my whole life. My mother worked seven days a week to take care of us, and I got a good education … and went on to develop a career in the health care field.”

The MedTech Group is an NAM member company and Mr. Blank is active in the organization, an honor for us.

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