Energy Costs: Now It’s Personal

By April 7, 2008Energy

From The Examiner:

Pepco will raise rates for its D.C. customers by about 15 percent on June 1, the second increase in five months facing the power company’s 235,000 District customers.

Oh, man. And why is that?

The D.C. Public Service Commission in February approved a lesser rate increase for Pepco’s distribution services. That 2.27 percent jump covered the cost of the poles, wires and high-tech equipment used to deliver power to D.C..

But generation makes up the vast majority of a customer’s bill. And the cost of coal, nuclear power and natural gas are all on the rise, Pepco spokesman Robert Dobkin said.

“Unfortunately we’re in a global energy pricing situation in which energy prices across the board are rising,” he said.

Supply and demand, demand and supply.

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