Cool Stuff Being Made: BWP Bats

By April 19, 2008General

With baseball season in full swing, it’s time at Cool Stuff Being Made to cry, “Batter up!” Or, actually, “Bats up” Which means that this week’s program takes us to Brookville, Pennsylvania, for a tour of the BWP Bats and its manufacturing facility.

As Vice President Mike Gregory explains, a high-quality bat starts with high-quality wood. From the company’s website:

BWP Bats, LLC is located in the heartland of Pennsylvania, which is known as the hardwood capital of the world. Only the finest hardwood trees are processed into bats. Billets that do not meet these criteria are manufactured into other commercial products, such as furniture, flooring and other interior products. As you can see, only the highest quality wood ends up in your customers, hands at the plate. No third grade wood is sold to our customers.

We get a look at rock maple being turned into bats, but red oak is another durable wood that makes a great bat.

Thanks, once again, to the good people at PCN for supplying the footage. A durable outfit that makes a great documentary.

To watch this week’s Cool Stuff Being Made, click on the embedded video or for a larger format, click here.

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