Clinton (Bill) Supports Colombia FTA

By April 9, 2008Trade

Si, es verdad. In a 2005 trip to Bogota, former President Bill Clinton responded affirmatively to President Alvaro Uribe’s plea for his support for the U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement. According to news accounts at the time, Clinton said, “Estoy a favor del TLC y tengo la esperanza de que vamos a encontrar la fórmula para que se logre el acuerdo.”

Which is, “I am in favor of the free trade agreement and it is my hope that we will find the right formula to reach the agreement.”

And that was before the environmental and labor protections were added.

From Politico, Ben Smith’s Blog. More at “Hot Air.” And for a taste of the poisonous waters of the anti-globalist left, read this piece from The Huffington Post, “Bill Clinton’s Ties to Colombia Trade Deal Stronger than Even Penn’s.”

And that’s a criticism. Alas.

President Clinton’s support for trade agreements counted as one of his political strengths, an example of standing on principle in support of more trade, more wealth, more freedom.

UPDATE (5:05 p.m.): Larry Kudlow notes that Mark Penn was sent down and asks, “With that thought in mind, can’t we all agree that Bill Clinton should immediately resign from Hillary’s campaign? Or at least be demoted?”

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