Card Check: What Does it Do?

By April 4, 2008Labor Unions

An op-ed by John Sweeney, president of the AFL-CIO, and James Leaman, president of the Virginia AFL-CIO. From the Fredericksburg (Va.) Free Lance-Star:

The Employee Free Choice Act is a piece of national legislation that would level the playing field for America’s workers – mitigating corporate greed and repairing the broken labor-law system that has stripped away the freedom to form unions and bargain collectively.

All right. And how would the legislation accomplish this goal? What would the process exactly be?

Sweeney and Leaman never say.

But that’s typical. So again: The Employee Free Choice would deny employees the right to a secret-ballot election when deciding to join a union or not. Instead of federally supervised elections, a worksites union status would be determined through the very public process of union organizers collecting individual signatures on cards, hence the term, “card check.” The process has proved an open invitation to union intimidation and coercion.

Kimberly Strassel in her Potomac Watch column today:

To the extent companies have stepped up, it’s been on single issues, like card check. And therein lies the unions’ biggest risk: overreach. Good as the overall political environment is, most Americans don’t agree with specific union proposals. A recent poll released by the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace, which is fighting against card check, found that two-thirds of voters in key Senate election states oppose getting rid of secret union ballots.

The tactic of pro-union Democrats in the past has been to avoid talking specifics. If Republicans want a shot at winning some political races, they’ll need to. Painting the picture of a union-dominated America might help focus minds.

Sweeney and Leaman will do everything they can to keep minds blurred.

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