Card Check: That’s Johnny Sac in the Ad

By April 25, 2008Labor Unions

So it IS a Sopranos’ character in the new ad from the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace. Brain Faughnan explains at The Weekly Standard’s blog:

As a Sopranos fan, I was disappointed to be cheated out of a great death scene to end a superb series. Insult was added to injury however, when one of the more show’s more interesting characters — Johnny Sac — was revealed to be a Clinton fan.

Now at least, Johnny Sac is pushing a cause I can get behind:

Card Check is likely to be a significant issue in a number of Congressional races this year. The Curatola ad plays well on his Sopranos image, and does a good job of illustrating why workers might not want to lose the right to a secret ballot on unionizing. Do they really want their employers and union bosses to know how they stand on such a decision?

The NAM is a member of the Coalition.

UPDATE (10:15 a.m.): More from Ed Morrissey at Hot Air, who calls it “perhaps one of the most effective ads in recent political history to demonstrate the dangers represented by Card Check, thanks to instantly-recognizable Sopranos star Vincent Curatola.”

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