Card Check Survey Says, Protect the Secret Ballot

By April 3, 2008Labor Unions

American Solutions for Winning the Future — the Newt Gingrich-led group — has released a new survey that shows the public overwhelmingly in support of secret ballot elections in determining whether to organize a workplace, a right that the Employee Free Choice Act would destroy. From the polling memo:

Democracy in the Workplace: Americans Fiercely Defend the Right to
Secret Ballot Elections.

Survey respondents were clear in their belief of keeping private U.S. workers’ decisions about whether or not to unionize: 79% agreed that “federally supervised secret ballot elections” were a right all workers should have. As the nearby chart shows, nearly half of them (48%) felt so strongly.

By comparison, just 12% denied the importance of this traditional method of organizing. This means that those in favor of secret ballot outnumbered those opposed by 6.5-to-1.

The survey was conducted by polling company™, inc./WomanTrend, headed by the well-regarded Kellyanne Conway. American Solutions has put the polling data, including crosstabs, up on its website here. (Always more receptive to a survey’s credibility when the data are made readily available.)

Coming on top of the recent Coalition for a Democratic Workplace survey on the Employee Free Choice Act’s potential impact on three Senate races (Maine, Minnesota and Colorado), the American Solutions survey makes it very clear that the candidates who sign on with organized labor’s demands on card check are making a pact with their own demise. (Hah. Thought we’d say “pact with the devil,” didn’t you?) They gain campaign contributions and grassroots workers, but only at the cost of alienating the public.

And in the end, isn’t winning elections about winning over the public?

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