Card Check: Secret Ballot? Not Any More, It Ain’t

By April 24, 2008Labor Unions

With organized labor making support for the Employee Free Choice Act a matter of candidate fealty in the fall, opponents of card check have a big task ahead of them: Explain that the Employee Free Choice is a cynically misnamed power play designed by organized labor to actually eliminate employee free choice.

By eliminating secret ballots in union representaton elections, labor organizers will be able to use many types of pressure to intimidate employees into agreeing to join the election.

Hence the new TV spot just released by the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace (of which the NAM is an active member). From the news release:

The ad, developed by nationally known media strategist Mike Murphy, uses a widely recognized character who will be easily identifiable to voters and will use humor to reinforce the need to protect private ballots for workers. The ad will begin airing on national cable news channels on Friday, April 25. The script of the ad is attached.

“Worker privacy is at stake in the upcoming elections and our goal is to educate voters about this important issue,” said Brian Worth with the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace. “If this anti-worker legislation passes, workers will lose their right to a private ballot. Our polling indicates that support for card check is a potential liability for candidates on Election Day,” added Worth.

Recent polls in Colorado, Minnesota and Maine conducted by CDW suggest widespread voter opposition to Big Labor’s card-check scheme. Nearly two-thirds of voters in Colorado (68%), Maine (72%) and Minnesota (65%) oppose the EFCA. Conversely, at least 80% of voters in all three states believe that secret ballot elections are the cornerstone of democracy and should be kept for union elections.

The news release also has the script. We’re told the arm-twister is a character from the Sopranos. He’s certainly …evocative.

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