Card Check: Incremental Strategy at Work

By April 3, 2008Labor Unions

Labor unions are continuing their stategy of passing card-check laws at the state level, hoping to build pressure for federal enactment in 2009. From the AFL-CIO blog:

With passage of the federal Employee Free Choice Act a major issue for working people in the 2008 elections, lawmakers in Hawaii last week passed their own version of the bill. Union members were key to passage of H.B. 2974, which levels the playing field for workers considering a union. The legislation, which applies only to agricultural workers in the state, passed in both chambers by veto-proof margins with Republicans casting all the “No” votes.

State laws regulate working conditions for agricultural workers, so the unions are still restrained: They can only deprive a small percentage of the labor force of their right to a secret ballot.

But politically, it’s a pretty good strategy.

Except…wonder if state legislators have seen this survey? Voters may be less supportive than union organizers trying to expand their own clout — and spending.

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