Card Check: In Hawaii, a Veto

By April 14, 2008Labor Unions

From Governor Linda Lingle:

I support the rights of workers to form or join labor organizations and have collective bargaining representation, but this bill would deny workers their privacy and right to a confidential vote when making that decision.

Maintaining the secret ballot is the best way to protect workers’ privacy and to ensure workers have the ability to vote their conscience without fear of repercussion or retaliation. There is no compelling justification for replacing a fair, democratic process with one that has the potential to erode a worker’s existing rights and protections under the law.

The legislation, HB2974 HD2, represented the incremental strategy that labor unions have adopted nationwide, i.e., gain card check authority with public employees or other groups regulated by state, not federal, authorities. In this case, the affected groups were still significant:

[Most] agriculture businesses in the state; non-retail businesses with less than $50,000 in annual sales; retail businesses including restaurants with less than $500,000 in annual sales; many small, non-profit organizations; day care centers with less than $250,000 in gross annual revenues; hotels, motels apartments and condominiums with less than $500,000 in annual revenues; taxicab companies with less than $500,000 in total annual revenues; law firms and legal aid programs with less than $250,000 in gross annual revenues; art museums with less than $1 million in gross annual revenues; colleges, universities and secondary schools with less than $1 million in annual revenues; and newspapers with less than $200,000 in annual revenues.

Good for Gov. Lingle for standing up to labor’s attempt to introduce the intimidation-based unionization into small-business workplaces all across the state.

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