Calling for Better Health Care Through Technology

Good column from Ivan Seidenberg, Chairman and CEO of Verizon, at the Health Affairs Blog on the need to enact Health IT legislation.

At Verizon, health care benefits used to be just one more element in a package of benefits, but now it is a line item in our budget of $4 billion annually and growing. Over 900,000 employees, retirees, and their families depend on our company for health care. We have a commitment to support the health and well-being of our employees and their families, so we have to figure out how to maintain this responsibility as its share of our corporate budget continues to grow. The technology to do so exists today but must be implemented thoughtfully. The first thing we need to do is adopt interconnected and interoperable standards for health IT platforms so that electronic medical records can be shared seamlessly among health care providers, as required by the bipartisan Wired for Health Care Quality Act.

The legislation is S. 1693 and H.R. 3800, which the NAM is also working to support as a member of the Health IT Now! Coalition.

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