Are the Days of Cheap Chinese Imports Ending?

By April 10, 2008Trade

Some American manufacturers have long complained about competition from cheap imports from China.

But a Slate article says that era may be ending. China is raising the price of exports due to several factors, including higher energy costs (have you checked out the prices at the pump lately?) and rising wages.

So Americans used to bargain deals at Wal-Mart may be in for a surprise. American importers are now looking to other countries to replace China as the place to go to get lower prices, the article said.

“So importers are looking back to countries they once rejected in favor of China—Indonesia, Mexico, and Malaysia. And they are looking ahead to countries not yet integrated into the global consumer-goods supply chain, such as Brazil and Kenya. Every country, however, offers its own special risks: strong labor unions in one, political instability in another. None offers the one-stop shop appeal of China, where factories make everything under the sun.”

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