AG Brown: For a Clean Environment, Drive Old Cars

By April 3, 2008Global Warming

Aspiring Governor Jerry Brown made a comment at the California Democratic convention last week that merits repeating. From Peter Hecht’s Sac-Bee report, “Day of Political Preening”:

He mentioned his state car – a blue Plymouth he drove for “eight years and 240,000” miles.

As a state vehicle, no doubt it was kept up well, but still …A major contributor to air pollution has long been the continued presence of inefficiently running old cars using outdated technology, something as true in the 1970s as is true today.

In fact, California runs a “vehicle retirement program” that pays people money to get old vehicles off the streets.

So, Brown was probably polluting more back then just for image’s sake. Well-earned Moonbeam, indeed.

UPDATE (8:09 a.m.) Oh, yes. Brown sues EPA. Again. Trying to achieve policy ends he could not achieve through the political or legislative process.

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  • jerry brown says:

    Searching out the most negative interpretation is not very credible. Be proud of the fact that an American car was so durable that it could run without major repairs for eight years. If you can’t get out of your bias, no one will take you seriously.

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