À la Recherche du Woodstock Perdu

By April 20, 2008Global Warming

John J. Miller dares to look out the window and state the obvious: It’s raining.

It rained here last night, it’s pouring down rain right now, and it’s supposed to rain all day long today and probably tomorrow as well.

A few minutes ago, my wife and I were watching the local news. They did this live report from downtown DC, where there’s supposed to be some kind of big Earth Day concert on the National Mall. The promoter of the event is holding an umbrella as she’s being interviewed. Water is running off its edge. She’s probably standing in a pool of mud. Yet she urges people to come on down for the concert today. “It’s beautiful down here!” she insists.

Uh, no it’s not.

I have some sympathy for those who plan big outdoor events only to have the weather ruin them. But how are we supposed to trust these people on climate change if they can’t even tell the truth about what’s happening right on their own heads?

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