Washington Post: A Shaggy, Snowy Dog Story

By March 17, 2008Global Warming

From the Washington Post’s letters section, March 14th, a letter from the perspicacious Carl Wales of Bowie, Md.

Snow in Anchorage

Your March 2 Outlook article about the Iditarod dog-sled race [“Hot Dog! The Iditarod’s Not as Cool as It Used to Be”] was an example of why understanding the debate about climate change is so hard.

Organizers did not have to truck snow into Anchorage for the start of the race because of lack of snow. They import it most every year because they want more snow on the streets for the sled runners than they normally leave after plowing the streets the same way any city does after it snows.

If you think it was warmer, talk to participants in this year’s Yukon Quest dog-sled race, which started in Fairbanks when it was well below zero.

Maybe they trucked it in from Vermont, which had the snowiest February on record.

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